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Artist: Kristian Harting

Title: Summer Of Crush

Release Date: 30 October 2015

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01 Traveller
02 Temporary Rooms
03 White Spirits
04 How High
05 I Am You No.2
06 Spirits Revisited
07 Cannibals
08 Ship Of Fools
09 Digging Up Graves
10 South North Passage
11 Soul Sister
12 East West Door

Eclectic Danish troubadour Kristian Harting returns with a new twelve song album.

Whilst his debut solo LP, 2014’s Float, melded ethereal song-writing deeply inspired by Western lo-fi pop, Mali blues and avant-garde folk, this time round Harting recalibrates towards a more pop-orientated approach, the resulting​ album oscillating between melancholic dreamscapes, swells of articulate outpourings and synth-laden shamanic dance tracks.

I went into the studio with the ambition to create songs with a Motown meets Metal meets Morricone feel to them – an ambition that surely was doomed to fail. Here and there I succeeded though, and I think I have ended up with something special and truly emotional.”

These songs are about love. About letting go of yourself; knowing you’ll fall and someone might not catch you. About passion, confusion, chaos, lust and loneliness. About trying your best to be human in a world full of humans.”

​Working over a sustained period of time to shape imaginary forms and sketches into lucid sound collages, the twelve tracks were written, played and recorded solely by himself. Armed with his guitars, loop pedals, a foot-operated synth and analogue electronics, Harting’s work in Summer of Crush is a series of captivating, emotional and at times, disconcerting, trips. The collection of influences that feed in to these songs are like mysterious far-flung stamps on the Danish born musician’s passport, and the tales that he has to tell root you to the spot with their sparkling vivacity and intimate composure.

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