OSTINATO – Left Too Far Behind


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Artist: Ostinato

Title: Left Too Far Behind

Release Date: 23 February 2004

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1. Majestic
2. Convolution
3. Annotation
4. The Stranger
5. Hey You Up In The Tower
6. Let Me Start With The Weather
7. Entwine/ Six
8. Jagganath

This is their second album and the first one for Exile On Mainstream. It was released in early 2004 and claimed massive endorsement by fans and press around the world: Resonant atmospherics juxtapose a driving rain of space rokk tremulation. Fans of Kinski, Don Cab, & Desert Sessions will “get” what they give. A true must-have for all fans and endorsers of GODSPOGWAISPAROWETORTOISIGURISIS and the like.

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