OSTINATO – Chasing The Form


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Title: Chasing The Form

Release Date: 31 March 2006


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1. Goal Of All Believers
2. Monkey Gestures
3. Antiaircraft
4. The Art Of Vanishing
5. Latitude
6. Between The Years
7. Volant

This is their third album and second for Exile On Mainstream: recorded in late 2005. Its focus remarks a consequent development from the previous album and shows the band at the peak of their expressional stages. Again you can dig into layers of sound, different levels of intensity and the power of the sound. 7 trks, 49 mins. It is filled with ambient guitar, swelling drums and a fibrous flow of bass. A truly ethereal orchestra of emotive sonics, while being way more focussed and outstanding than the first one.

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