PAYOLA – Get On The Buzz


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Artist: Payola

Title: Get On The Buzz

Release Date: January 18th, 2002

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1. Mass Hypnosis
2. The Unsung Heroes Of El Salvador Aren’t Unsung Anymore
3. Emesis
4. The Bigger The Cat
5. Crimopol
6. The Hidden Charme Of Dr. Yak-Fu
7. Leroy’s Lament
8. Fallen Fellow
9. Red Leather
10. Yes, The Answer Is No
11. The Most Succeeding Way To Professional Alcoholism
12. Twelve Minutes Of Honesty
13. Big City Love

If you´re asking, where your Beefheart-love could find a new home, on what show your old Stones-Shirt would be welcome, who will gonna fill your Beck-cup with new coffee or whatever happened to the psycho-sound Mother Tongue created you´d be answered Payola! Those Berlin based Germans leave their doors wide open to let in all influences could be found on Route 66 as well as in the backyards of Chicago, Memphis and New Orleans.

One of their earlier releases was called “For Those Who Know” and that´s exactly what Payola stand for. Based on traditions of Rock, Bloooz and open minded category-beatdown they create their own style of contemporary Rock, not to say Rawwwk! Payola are not the lifeguards of dying cliché-riffsters like the so-called Nu Metal Godz (what the hell means nu?), nor the backbiters of Redneck Sleaze and definitely not the ones your parents-in-law would elect on the MOR-throne. Nope, Payola are sometimes like a rough diamond born in the wilderness of urban rockland and cut with the knives of musical history.

They got style and combine the vintage way of a Rodriguez movie with a smokey blend of grain whiskey. This release is a classic and must-have for Exile On Mainstream fans as this is the sound and the band this label was created for in the first place. In fact: If you don´t own this album you have NO business being here!

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