PAYOLA – V-Tod Motor Motel


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Artist: Payola

Title: V/ Tod Motor Motel

Release Date: 28 March 2003



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1. Tod Motor Check-In
2. Ragged Broom
3. Still Around
4. On Short Legs
5. Chosen M.C. Loser
6. Sleeper In Disguise
7. Got Me Bleeding
8. Room 8
9. White Letter Boogie
10. Queen For The Day
11. Count The Monkeys
12. Spider
13. Better Americans
14. The Selfish Haircut
15. Born A Liar

Still givin´ a shit about categories or conventions, Payola still talkin´ Blues in a authentic way, feeding it with thee ingredients of true rawk. One step forward could also mean one step back and so they didn´t care about letting their good times roll and banned 15 new heartful attempts on wax which go back into real rock´n´roll. “V – Tod Motor Motel” marks a milestone in Payola´s musical career as after the departure of singer extraordinnaire Nico Kozik the guys found themselves in completely new spheres. After checking several new singers they decided to share the vocals equally between all members. And it worked out pretty well.

“V – Tod Motor Motel” is more Payola than any other album before. The unique riffings of guitarrist Jens Freudenberg see the light of day in every song whilst drummer Jakob and bass player Timo lay down a thick multi-layered  base to the functional hooks of second guitar player Patrick. Payola rock! Quite a simple formula. But hard to reach anyway. Berlin´s finest made it. Give it a listen and you´ll know what we mean. Forget about flame shirts and fast cars, forget about sleazy haircuts and devil signs. Payola still don´t need that crap. They know what they do and give a shit about cliches. You´re gonna find them on the empty tradition highway as well as in the hippest clubs. You better be there! Well, not anymore as a band. R.I.P.!

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