FRIEDEMANN – Uhr vs. Zeit


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Artist: Friedemann

Title: Uhr vs. Zeit

Release Date: 16 May 2014

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01 Lied aus Stille
02 Vogel
03 Nichts können
04 Daneben
05 Nackenbrecher
06 Conny
07 Freiheit
08 Sklaven
09 Anders Gedacht
10 Dankeschön
11 Süden
12 Was
13 Zeit vs Uhr

What shall be written about a record that speaks so clearly, deeply and profoundly in each and every song? What can be said about an album that arrives with an urgency and delivers a life-affirming quality to its creator like this album?

“Uhr vs. Zeit” is an album full of honesty, wisdom and poetry, fueled by experience and a life lived by and beyond the limits. The songs colour an approach to storytelling in its truest sense, sung and harmonised in his native language, German, but so deep and soulful that everyone will be able to relate and feel.

While he is rolling a wreath of songs off his tongue, Friedemann extols an attitude in songwriting that leaves behind your traditional narrative approach and meta-level storytelling. In Friedmann, we don’t have a singer/songwriter who remains on the safe side while taking a third-person perspective rather, he almost radically unsheathes his own soul and life history into the lyrics. There aren’t many songwriters in music history who we could name with a comparably distinct attitude – Townes Van Zandt, Nick Drake or Sixto Rodriguez would be the only ones coming to mind.

A lot has been written and talked about regarding the therapy and catharsis of music in the past but rarely has an album incorporated these cornerstones as much as „Uhr vs. Zeit” does. Driven by inner struggles, breakdowns, anger and rage as well as times of sheer bliss, the lyrics on this album seem to float naturally, revealing pretty much all and everything you need to know about the man behind it. The lyrical content hereby ranges from very personal intent, explaining his viewpoint to radical political statements taking side for the exploited and minorities.

The album was recorded and produced by Friedemann himself with help from friends like Janko Moede, Conny Ochs, who lends guitar and vocals to the track “Vogel”, partners in COR such as guitarist Pilse, bassist Matze and drummer Johannes.

The album is released in cooperation with RÜGENCORE RECORDS

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