FRIEDEMANN – Unterwegs

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Artist: Friedemann

Title: Unterwegs

Release Date: 24 February 2017

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01 Am Meer
02 Paola
03 Nackenbrecherblues
04 Geräusch
05 Lampedusa Blues
06 Haben und Brauchen
07 Knall
08 Lied aus Stille
09 Gejammer
10 Möglichkeiten

01 Nichts können alles machen
02 Wer hören will muss schweigen
03 Unschuld
04 Segeln
05 Daneben
06 Wo bleiben wir
07 Freiheit
08 Glück
09 Gott
10 Nicht zur Arbeit

On The Road (by Friedemann)

Touring is a big part of my life. I’m away from the ones I love –  to do what I love: making music – in small and big venues, in pubs and on open air stages, in front of 1000 or 10 people – it always matters where I am and who you are and I enjoy it every time. These places and the connected moments all have something in common: we meet each other – you as listener with your expectations, your emotions, your excitement or your disappointment and myself as musician with my songs and thoughts.

Borne from these encounters are beautiful and emotional situations and making them listenable and come alive often is a challenge.

We took the challenge. All of us. You and me.

Together with my friends, musical partners and engineers we recorded most of the evenings on my most recent tour. We went through the recordings and decided to take the final show of the tour at the Berlin venue ‘Jaegerklause’ to release it as an album.

What you are listening to is a full concert – 20 songs without any technical filters, bare and blank, no overdubs, no cleaning from mistakes or flaws. It’s a record driven by stories and communication by myself and with you. The tracks have been recorded by Florian Schulz and later been mixed and mastered by Eike Freese at Chameleon Studios Hamburg. The sound is different from the studio works and the raw live recordings show a different approach and perspective to my songs. The double CD and double LP feature six songs which don’t appear on the two regular albums. There is a brand new song called ‘Am Meer’, the ‘Lampedusa Blues’ which has been written with my band COR as comment to current circumstances. Further there is three more COR – songs, now arranged for acoustic instruments: ‘Gott’, ‘Freiheit’ and ‘Segeln’ and last not least the fabulous cover version of Joint Venture’s ‘Nicht zur Arbeit’

‘Unterwegs’ (On The Road) is a document, something that will stay – its songs and stories accompany me and helped shaping my own self – what I am, what I became and what I will be.

The songs are made to feel and celebrate the joy of life.

See you on the road!

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