MIKROWELLE – Twang Boom Tschak


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Artist: Mikrowelle

Title: Twang Boom Tschak… Peng

Release Date: 14 February 2003


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1. Säurebad
2. Nachtgeister
3. Beatparty
4. Mexikanischer Branntwein
5. Buzz A.
6. Popcorn Go-Go
7. The Rip Off
8. Geheimagent
9. Blast Out
10. Rohkostgerät
11. Stendek
12. Peng

Spy Movies are surfing over an Acid Bath, while Ghost Riders drink Mexican Brandy and crisp Popcorn A-GoGo. The tracks are nothing more than real golden Nuggets in a world which is giving a shit for tradition.

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