OSTINATO – Faithless Clanging



Title: Faithless Clanging

Release Date: 6 April 2019

A double cassette tape containing all three albums by Ostinato and therefore each song ever recorded and released by the band, including the tracks from their first record ‘Unusable Signal’, released 1998 and long out of print. The tape is a limited release coinciding with Ostinato’s one-off appearance on the EOM20 festivities and is limited to 30 copies.

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Side A
01 Entwine
02 Novena
03 Optimistic
04 Anodyne
05 Flutter

Side B
01 Majestic
02 Convolution
03 Annotation
04 The Stranger
05 Hey You Up In The Tower

Side C
01 The Goal Of All Believers
02 Monkey Gestures
03 The Art Of Vanishing
04 Latitude
05 Goal/ Reprise

Side D
01 Jagganath
02 Anti Aircraft
03 Cast In Iron
04 Let Me Start With The Weather
05 Between The Years
06 Volant



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