THE HIDDEN HAND – Mother Teacher Destroyer


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Artist: The Hidden Hand

Title: Mother Teacher Destroyer

Release Date: 23 August 2004

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1. The Crossing
2. Half Mast
3. Desensitized
4. Draco Vibration
5. Black Ribbon
6. Magdalene
7. Currents
8. Travesty As Usual
9. Coffin Lily
10. Sons of Kings
11. The Deprogramming of Tom Delay…

The Hidden Hand walks the path right through the last four decades of Rock and creates something completely new in an area where nobody has been before. Not to say that there are influences and honest respect to the godfathers of the music we love.

The Hidden Hand 2004 is rising from the fields of King Crimson, 70´s rock and Doom roots, includes some Rush influences and effects from nowadays atmospheric (instrumental) rock that brought us Ostinato, Mogwai and Isis. Not trying to say, The Hidden Hand sounds like ANY of these bands. They just grabbed some of their attitudes, their way to create sounds and structures and mixed together a completely outstanding new beginning. It´s like talking about a new era here! This isn´t sounding like a “Wino band” at all anymore. This is truly something extraterrestrial. Touched by the hand of, yeah, let´s say it, GOD.

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