VOODOOSHOCK – Marie’s Sister’s Garden


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Artist: Voodooshock

Title: Marie’s Sister’s Garden

Release Date: 23 April 2007

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1. Please let all truth in your heart
2. Marie’s sister’s garden
3. Funeral farewell
4. Feeding flames with letters
5. Truth
6. Custommade but sacrificed
7. Miserable mercy
8. Warm knives cut deeper
9. I need a rest
10. Diamond Queen
11. You don’t need to fear death

“Marie´s Sister´s Garden” is the second full-length offering from seminal Doom evangelists Voodooshock and their first release for Exile On Mainstream Records. Four long years since the release of their debut album certainly proves their doomy work ethics, however you will know it´s been well worth the wait once you hear this Doom Rock masterpiece, if not a soon-to-be-classic, that Voodooshock have produced. The sound, songwriting and production of “Marie´s Sister´s Garden” puts it in the same league as classic albums such as “Be Forewarned”, “V” and “Forest Of Equilibrium”. Delivering a fine dose of slow moving anthems rooted in Sabbath tradition, it speeds up from time to time to paint a vivid picture of the emotional dealings of the human soul. Its bluesy structures, warming guitar sounds, pounding bass lines and drum patterns are all essentially shaped by feelings of hopelessness and dejection. That´s what we call the essence of Doom, and Voodooshock fire it straight to your gut and stir it around with a middle finger. From the opening track “Please Let All Truth In Your Heart”, a psalm-like anthem, through to the melodic waves of the title track and the death march hymn “Funeral Farewell” the album needs only three songs to wrap up everything that is described as Doom Rock. There´s nothing more to add. This is how it should be done.

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