PLACE OF SKULLS – The Black Is Never Far


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Artist: Place Of Skulls

Title: The Black Is Never Far

Release Date: 1 May 2006

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1. Prisoner’s Creed
2. Sense Of Divinity
3. Darkest Hour
4. Interlude
5. Apart From Me
6. The Black Is Never Far
7. We The Unrighteous
8. Interlude
9. Masters Of Jest
10. Interlude
11. Lookin’ For A Reason
12. Relentless
13. Changed Heart

This album (3rd overall and first for Exile) is full of Doom Metal and Hard Rock. “The Black Is Never Far” is the pinnacle recording of The Place of Skulls, a true testament to the amazing songwriting ability of this seminal band, encompassing, doom metal, 70´s heavy rock, blues and classic rock.

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