mainstream record sixty-three

Artist: The Antikaroshi

Title: In P.O.P. We Rust

Release Date: 5 April 2013

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01 Twisted Road
02 Pohl
03 Hard Slog
04 Gardener’s Son
05 Outmoded Eyes
06 Knitting The World
07 Natterer
08 Leponex
09 Preussen Idea
10 Airloom

THE ANTIKAROSHI present their third album on Exile On Mainstream, their most meticulously crafted album yet.

On their previous recordings, Per/Son/Alien and their debut, Crushed Neocons, they firmly established themselves as a band with longevity, a band who draw upon their roots in DC punk and hardcore but rework the ideas to create music that is at times unexpected and always unconventional. In fact, the three-piece hailing from Potsdam, Germany is the very antithesis of convention, and on their brand new album In P.O.P. We Rust they are determined to prove why.

Their latest album, In P.O.P We Rust is ultimately inspired by an outstanding collection of paintings, known as the Prinzhorn Collection. Hans Prinzhorn was a psychiatrist in pre-WWII Germany made famous for a collection of paintings of his patients.

The band remark on the influence of the art…”in the beginning there was a movie, a documentary about the famous Prinzhorn collection. It became some kind of basis for the songwriting. But it doesn’t end here, during the work, a sheer overwhelming and complex mesh of connections, connotations and associations became obvious.”…the band continues…”The collector’s attitude gave birth to a complete new approach and on the flipside of it all was the dark side.”

The music on the album ultimately explores the power of the past versus the logic of everyday living through an amalgam of dis-harmonics where angular guitars and melodious vocals intertwine with unusual electronics. The resulting album is highly charged, emotive and most of all memorable.

“Clearly focused on creating intellectual music, The Antikaroshi’s debut album takes the dischord of hardcore, translates it into the sprawling structures of post-rock and gives it a sheen of electronica.” – ROCKSOUND

“The Anti Karoshi provide an excellent example of a minimal line-up making a dense and busy noise.” – THE SKINNY

“The Antikaroshi waver between swinging loosness and precision where everything seems designed to evoke reaction and emotion, making for a ride as intense as an angular rollercoaster” – METAL HAMMER

“Expansive instrumentation and considerable changes in pace…an impressive and confident second effort.” – ROCK A ROLLA

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