WE INSIST! – The Babel Inside Was Terrible


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Artist: We Insist!

Title: The Babel Inside Was Terrible

Release Date: 14 September 2009

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1. Déjà Vu
2. Oakleaves
3. Efficiency And Bad Habits
4. In A Maze
5. Custom Device
6. Thoughtful Anatomy
7. Dead Dog
8. Ancient Follies
9. Our Countries
10. Cogent Stories
11. Biting Tounges

“The Babel Inside Was Terrible” is an album electric and sharp, encompassing more grief and darkness than ever before and proclaimed in an even more clear and powerful sound. Impossible to pigeonhole, WE INSIST! have seen comparisons to the likes of Tool, Queens Of The Stone Age, At The Drive-In, Primus, King Crimson and bands of legendary label Dischord. To be completely honest, this material makes it as easy as nailing a pudding to the wall to file and categorise their sonic power. “The Babel Inside Was Terrible” tells it right from the get-go: categories are for losers. We Insist ! again manage to draw influences from a vast ocean of musical styles including Rock, Noise, Free Jazz, Avant-garde, Psychedelic, Math-Rock, Punk and Metal

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