WE INSIST! – OH! Things Are So Corruptible


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Artist: We Insist!

Title: OH! Things Are So Corruptible

Release Date: 25 January 2008

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1. An Architect
2. Imperial Catechism
3. My Own Delight
4. Seclusion
5. The Great Disorder
6. Half Awake
7. No Coward
8. Time Is Lazy
9. Exhausted
10. The Sailor
11. Down To The Cellar
12. Early Recollections

We Insist! are arguably scrutinizing the rock scene with the utmost care. They are always keen on being influenced by other bands, from whichever end of the rock spectrum: they try such influences out on themselves and see whether they fit or not. QOTSA, At the Drive-in, Tool, Shellac, Primus: you will find their traces in this record. But, most importantly, you will travel in a moon-like, weird and psychotic landscape, with maybe even a David Lynch dimension to it, and will walk through blurry and dazzling tracks. Recorded by Peter Deimel (The Kills, Chokebore…)

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