WINO – Adrift


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Artist: Wino

Title: Adrift

Release Date: 24 September 2010

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1. Adrift
2. I Don’t Care
3. Hold On Love
4. Mala Suerte
5. Old And Alone
6. Iron Horse/ Born To Lose
7. Suzanes Song
8. DBear
9. Whatever
10. Shot In The Head
11. O.B.E.

Wino releases a different view on his personality and history. Stripped down to the bare minimum of just his voice and his guitar he sonically illustrates the picture that paints the cover artwork as well as the title song: a man on his own, fighting tides, stormes but also times of brightness and sunshine in a boat fully equipped to survive but with no sails, which would give him the opportunity to steer the boat to wherever he would want. With the sails missing he is bound to the will of something extern, name it destiny, name it the ocean of life – the drift being the way, adrift being his kismet. The songs on the album follow classical American songwritership ideals by being a mixture of worded emotions and storytelling. With his approach, Wino lifts himself on a level with great songwriters such as Johnny Cash, John Sebastian, Woodie Guthrie or Bob Dylan.

His intense and superb technical playing abilities on the guitar reach new heights and show that he, the godfather of the riff has a tremendous sense for melodies, which truly shine on “Adrift”

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