CONNY OCHS – Raw Love Songs

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Artist: Conny Ochs

Title: Raw Love Songs

Release Date: 4 February 2011

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1. Stampede Stampede
2. Lily Of The Valley
3. Angels And Demons
4. Good House
5. Don’t Know Her Name
6. Pawnshop
7. Burn Burn Burn
8. Ghost Dog
9. Waiting For The Monster
10. Traces And Traps

Bound to a tradition and history of great acoustic craftmanship drawn over the American continent but not limited to that Conny explores the realms of what of your inner self can sonically be pictured once you are on your own and armed with a guitar, a banjo and your voice. The path has been walked by many before but it doesn’t make it a worn out road. There’s still so many landmarks to be explored on this trip and while you are walking it with your own approach it changes almost constantly. This is what it’s all about: not pushing yourself to reach out for definite goals but listen to your inner voice, realizing the way being more important than the destination and deliver in honesty: raw. uncarved. strips cut straight from the soul. RAW LOVE SONGS.

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