CONNY OCHS – Future Fables

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Artist: Conny Ochs

Title: Future Fables

Release Date: 26 February 2016

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01 Hole
02 Piece Of Heaven
03 Killer
04 Spin
05 Wake Up
06 Empire
07 Golden Future
08 Slide
09 No Easy Way
10 Fools
11 Strange Alchemy
12 Make Some Room

„We find and leave traces for the future. The lives that cross our paths and the lives we lead just as much as the dreams and visions we share – growing to be from what this future will be inspired and made of. This is the journey these songs are about.“

In these troubled times people seem to believe only in reality, only in things they can touch, feel, hear or smell while impalpable things like the future seem to remain untouched by dreams. The result seems to be a reconstruction of mankind, in some ways chained to reality. Conny’s songs are trying to focus on the interplay between storytelling and visions – this he carves into the rough edges of songs that come out so natural, so organic and sonically sparkling.

While keeping his approach pure to the heart Conny Ochs reaches a stark authenticity that draws you in and makes you a part of the music, his travels and struggles, and his search for freedom in life and song.

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