BEEHOOVER – Low Performer

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Artist: Beehoover

Title: Low Performer

Release Date: 21 Februar 2020

This is not an Exile On Mainstream Release – the record is released by the band themselves. Out of a longterm friendship and because we find this album so good we decided to offer it here in our webshop on a limited quantity – while stocks last.

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01 Goreplay
02 Weisenheimer Blues
03 Army Of Good Evil
05 Fisherman
07 Low Performer
09 Hell Is Paradise

– here’s what people, who know their shit have to say about Beehoover:

„[…] This is just one instance of beehoover’s mastery of affectingly heavy songcraft, both sonic and lyrical, in an album filled with sludge epics that manage to deliver intensely felt suffering and hope alongside irresistible groove and pummel. „Low Performer“ is a beast of an album that pulls no punches, and is all the more rewarding for it.“ Stoner Hive

“A veritable scheiße-sturm … the Fatherland has sired some mighty and malevolent rock bastards among all the post-industrial slop.” Rocksound Magazine

“Everybody else can pretty much fuck off … Beehoover are one of the purist bands around … We need more bands like Beehoover in the world.”

“huge, inventive and ever-changing, things clink and clank together like the giant cogs driving forward some gargantuan war machine.” Rock A Rolla Magazine

“These riffs could cause total enlightenment or they could melt your face off like the Nazi in Indiana Jones. This is metal not to be trifled with … Simply, earth-shatteringly awesome.”

“Concrete Catalyst is one of those truly rare things: a record that you expect little, if anything of, yet the vision, execution and – importantly – the sheer heaviness of which completely fucking blows you away.”
The Quietus

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