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Title: Haunted

Release Date: 19 November 2021 (webshop availability from 5 November 2021)

The limited edition will ship on 13 November 2021.

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Side A
01 Viking X
02 The Cannibal Country Maniac

Side B
03 Casket Down
04 Jaw On A Hook

Limited EP – Side A

Limited EP – Side B
Under The Sign Of The Reptile Master

Bonus Track (on CD included):
05 Haunted

After excessive touring on their debut album Confusion Master again exchanged daylight for practice room jams exhaustingly. Their refusal as only antidote to illusions led them craft 4 new tracks rooted in tritonous groove, odd percussion breaks and psychedelic swing. Clearly not to be mistaken for a love and peace affair but channeling hardcore anger in its purity. The result? A bonafide gain in Horror Cosmic Doom with a strong lovecraftian existential swirl. None better than pig hands/ Antonio Ilievsky’s stunning artwork illustration contributes its class to it.

With “Haunted”, recorded during the comprehensive winter desolation in 2020, incorporating various live set up sessions with acoustic light by Lutz Baumann and mastered by James Plotkin the baltic sea based quartet once again is bringing the salt. 41 minutes of raging insanity on your turntable for you to remember the dead cannot die while they are still hungry.

Let “Haunted” happen to you. Beauty and Terror. No feeling is final.

“Haunted” is being released on 12inch vinyl with a bundled CD. The CD features one bonus track not on the vinyl.

Furthermore available are two limited versions with an additional 45rpm 12inch EP and tape and more extras – check the descriptions!

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Standard Edition Vinyl+CD bundle, Vinyl+CD bundle, x Limited Edition set, xx HEAVY Limited Edition set

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