BULBUL – Bulbul 6


mainstream record thirty-six

Artist: Bulbul

Title: 6

Release Date: 16 May 2008

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01 when sun comes out
02 lack of the key
03 where the hell is dj fett
04 shuguang
05 shenzhou
06 tighter
07 tighten
08 changzheng
09 fremder hingepisst
10 daddy was a girl i liked
11 the song’s name
12 steve le postla
13 loss mei hen in ruah
14 dust in my zimmer
15 das stück

Bulbul incorporate pop music´s´ superficiality as well as the structure beneath – they can annihilate the cheapest rhythm and morph it into the most virtuous and complex arrangement, all within the blink of the eye. As monstrous walls of sound channel into introspective patterns you just stand there, mouth agape while you ask yourself “how the hell this is possible and why does it feel so good?”. You´ll find yourself searching to categorize bulbul with familiar band names such as MELVINS, TAR, SLINT, THE JESUS LIZARD coming to mind – these names kind of come close, but then refuse to arrive. Welcome to the world of bulbul! And even further:

“Bulbul are one of the bands responsible for the existence of Exile On Mainstream. The Austrians have been one of my favourite bands of all times and I still remember worshipping them back in the days when I was writing for fanzines. I seriously thought back then: if I ever run a label it should be like this band: – no boundaries, no limits, an intense sense of humour and riffs as big as the biggest plum dumplings my grandma used to make – now we got them.”

Andreas Kohl (Exile On Mainstream)

“bulbul 6” is bulbul´s first for Exile On Mainstream Records and was produced by Austrian electronic music stalwart Patrick Pulsinger. The album also features guest appearances by the one and only PHILIPP QUEHENBERGER and the mighty CARLA BOZULICH.

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