THE ANTIKAROSHI – Crushed Neocons


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Artist: The Antikaroshi

Title: Crushed Neocons

Release Date: 23 February 2009

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1. Downtown
2. Fistful
3. Pes
4. Sound Advice
5. Contradiction
6. Cruiserwait
7. Baskerville
8. Thin line
9. Prsndcns (remix by Monosylabikk)

“CRUSHED NEOCONS” is the debut album of THE ANTIKAROSHI. Spanning 9 songs, THEA (guitar, vocals, keys), NTIK (bass, keys) and AROSHI (drums) travel through emotional landscapes, break out, reunite, collaborate, swim in melodies and crawl through disharmonics, bringing us knee-deep wallowing in the downward spiral that is categorisation. They rock hard but stay away from typical “Rock Codes”, turning the song into a track and vice versa, yet avoiding mainstream stereotypes.”CRUSHED NEOCONS” is an album that will grow and change in the same way your mind and environment will alter and transform over time. It is like a good friend, not afraid to express its own perspective and opinion, but will be there when you need ’em!

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