THE ANTIKAROSHI – per/son/alien


mainstream record fourty-eight

Artist: The Antikarshi

Title: per/son/alien

Release Date: 1 October 2010



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1. Retep
2. Bernays
3. Quandt
4. Eric
5. Josef
6. Jacek i Placek
7. Deitenbeck
8. Ruhleder
9. Achilles
10. Azazel

per/son/alien-is an attempt of telling stories by using only fragments or short lyrics. Grown up in the East German Punk & Hardcore underground and raised by direct „in-your-face“ lyrics, which still had to be subtle enough to not stir up governmental attention, The Antikaroshi tries to figure out where they stand now – over 20 years later. There’s no offense anymore. There is codes and markets. Mostly everything is said. Knowledge is rarely found in books and names will be forgotton in the near future. Approaching culture and their music with the knowledge of these circumstances, The Antikaroshi admit that whatever is created will be just a trace – the bit within the byte.But still: What’s left from those days?! What matters when you’re 30something? Are we still able of talking something rebellious?! And if so – should we at all? And so the threepiece delivers an album full of struggles, inner conflict and stunning emotionality. Intervowen sounds create structures that make you breathless when you get closer. Drums, bass and guitar dance around each other, bite each other, fight and then get back to shine together. Everything on this album seems to fit as perfect as LEGO – the sound, the songs, the content. With their feet rooted deeply in what we called Postrock back when but meant the Punk/ Hardcore explosion towards more complexity and emotionality as it started in DC in the 90s The Antikaroshi take these influences further. After their debut album the band has been playing live almost constantly and carved their sound into a more open minded approach towards soundscapy textures without losing the subtle elements that became their trademark already on “Crushed Neocons” (EOM039). And here we are – “per/son/alien” is the result of digging into questions pointed out above and content and context are phrased in their own words like this:Retep is nap,Bernays was a nephew of S.Freud,Quandt is now basically BMW,Eric’s a blackwatermambaprince,Josef is FritzlJacek i Placek is about presidents starring in a fairy tale,Deitenbeck is an instrumental with a phrase stolen out of Testcard magazine,Ruhleder is a guy who used to give a manager seminar in Greenland named „rhetoric on ice“,Achilles is anatomy andAzazel was chased into the desert!

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