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Artist: End Of Level Boss

Title: Eklectric

Release Date: 20 May 2011

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01 As The Earth Forgets Us
02 This Is Not The Way It Was
03 Mouth Of Hats
04 Thee Absurd
05 Senescence
06 Thud
07 Blueshift
08 If Not All
09 Lost In The Etalon
10 Red Grey Eye

End of Level Boss return to the fray with their 3rd album “Eklectric”, released via Exile On Mainstream Records. Continuing in their all-consuming search for twisted riffs, the London based band returned to the analogue domains of Earth Terminal Studios, England, (the same location used for their highly acclaimed 2007 release “Inside the Difference Engine”) during the dying days of 2010. Bringing in a completely new rhythm section (Peter Theobalds (ex Akercocke / Gonga) on bass, and Neil Grant (ex RAAR) on drums) the band have unleashed an angrier, dirtier sound, recorded live to tape across 4 short winter days.

Previously described as “Kyuss meets King Crimson” EOLB have taken that recipe and dragged it, kicking and screaming, into an all new, cold and raw direction. Realising this natural progression resulted in the band attacking the new recording with a deliberate desire to capture the live, punkier elements of Motorhead and Voivod that influenced their formative musical cravings.

The result is “Eklectric”. Grab your poison of choice, sit back and prepare to be infected.

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