THE WINCHESTER CLUB – Negative Liberty


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Artist: The Winchester Club

Title: Negative Liberty

Release Date: 25 February 2011

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1. Fuck You Buddy
2. The Lonely Robot
3. R.D. Laing (little chemical straightjackets)
4. The End of History
5. Negative Liberty

Drawing on inspiration from Adam Curtis’s highly acclaimed documentary series The Trap, which examines the more ominous and obscure side of human behaviour, the resulting new album is an overall darker and heavier offering that nevertheless maintains TWC’s trademark melodic drive.

THE WINCHESTER CLUB boasts its original and unique line with two bass players, Harry Armstrong and Elenajane, two guitarists, Jonny Morgan and Jerry Deeney, and Tim Spear on drums and percussion.

Preferring to be seated on stage and accompanied by a backdrop of visuals, the sheer intensity and connection of their demanding live shows convinced THE WINCHESTER CLUB that this release should be recorded as a ‘live’ album albeit in studio surroundings. Consequently, no click track was used throughout the recording process as the band strived to capture the impact and nuance of their public performances.

Negative Liberty certainly demands the listeners attention. From the opening notes the music grabs you by the throat pushes you up against the wall and for the following hour resolutely refuses to let go.

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