BELLROPE – You Must Relax (preorder)

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Title: You Must Relax

Release Date: 22 February 2019

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01 Hollywood 2001/ Rollrost
02 Old Overholt
03 You Must Relax
04 TD200
05 CBD/ Hereinunder

BELLROPE are an experience. In utter contradiction to your usual heavy rock bands with an esoteric twist and the, ha, well so common (non)sense of interweaving ritualistic riff-mongery with some heritage-purveying focus to ancient rites, rituals and ideologies, BELLROPE are a hurricane of fresh air, well needed and even more welcome.

Raised on Doom, Noise and Punk with a crusty edge BELLROPE still remain far from what you usually expect from a band riding ritualistic riffery. Political responsibility comes with their sounds and clear statements are embedded within. Hailing from suburbian areas in Southern Germany BELLROPE have earned merits with their predecessor band BLACK SHAPE OF NEXUS throughout the international D.I.Y./ squat scene always vocal about their support for and origin from the underground.

BELLROPE drive forth this attitude and give it a welcome update: ‘You Must Relax’ is BELLROPE’s first album, spanning 5 songs over four sides of a double record. Starting off with a somewhat massage of your eardrums to make you ready for the following, like some good orange habanero slices stimulate the synapses of your tongue to make the main dishes taste so much more intense. This main dish will be served in the tonal equivalent of the track ‘Old Overholt’ paying tribute to the iconic rye whiskey which is a regular acolyte in the BELLROPE touring van. The call-out ‘You Must Relax’ is a verbatim order, before ‘TD 200’ marks another climax, carried by dueling vocals by Arne Heesch and Yvonnne Ducksworth of the mighty TREEDEON. ‘CBD/ Hereinunder’ wraps it up with long repetitive trance-inducing riffage that you just planly don’t want to end. Ever.

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