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Title: Pull

Release Date: 28 March 2024 (webshop availability from 14 March 2024)


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Side A
1 Ephemeral
2 Ease
3 Pull
4 The Ways We Were
5 Tetanus Blades

Side B
1 Doomed
2 Weakening Pulse
3 Final Voyage
4 Unspeakable Majesty

After delivering one the most critically acclaimed alternative metal albums of 2021 Sons of Alpha Centauri return fronted by cult emo icon vocalist Jonah Matranga from post hardcore legends Far and Gratitude for their upcoming fourth studio album entitled Pull.

Pull delivers a powerhouse of searing post hardcore, alternative metal and progressive dreamy riff rock providing the natural evolution of the 2021 seminal release Push while capturing both a renaissance of 90s post hardcore and a future take on atmospheric dream-metal.

The band are once again joined by Mitch Wheeler the drumming powerhouse and backbone of Will Haven and founding member of Ghostride and The Abominable Iron Sloth who delivers together with Marlon King on guitars and Nick Hannon on bass a formidable hard rock foundation for Matrangas emotional and dreamy overlay.

Sons of Alpha Centauri who have collaborated previously with Godflesh, Karma to Burn, Yawning Man and members of Kyuss, ISIS and Queens of the Stone Age have finessed an album that captures the essence of Around The Fur era Deftones, the simplicity of Water and Solutions era Far and the integrity of Carpe Diem by Will Haven. Pull provides a definitive reflection of the Sacramento luminaries cast in the mould of unadulterated riff rock.

Pull evolves a fresh take on alternative post hardcore and emotive metal. The hypnotic and harmonic pulse of the music and the soaring introspective power of Jonahs wrought raw vocals provide an ever emotional journey that sees new peaks in performance for all involved.

Founding member and bass player Nick Hannon comments: “We didn’t know if Push was going to be a one off but everyone involved loved what we did and thought we could collectively drive the sound even further so Pull is an even more intense and emotionally direct performance from all of us. When Jonah returned to the studio he came with an ignited fire of passion and emotional intensity. Whereas Push focussed on distress, distance and separation, Pull is more cerebral and dream like. We’ve worked to create songs that everyone can engage with but with themes that are distant and eclectic. Immerse yourself!”

This milestone album was recorded by Lance Jackman of Deftones and Joe Johnson in Sacramento and engineered and mixed by Dan Lucas. Mastered by Nick Zampiello (Cave In, Converge, Pelican, ISIS) and presented impeccably by Exile on Mainstream Records.

The album is released on vinyl with the CD bundled, No seperate CD release.


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