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Artist: WIVE

Title: PVLL

Release Date: 8 February 2010

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1. Toast to Famines
2. Teethy
3. Langvage
4. Lazarvs and Dives
5. Come, Join the Sea
6. Attrition
7. The Day Bvrnt to Death
8. Widows
9. Tongve of Callvs
10.Slvmber’s Edit

The music of WIVE pulls from and fuses together a broad range of musical elements including, classical composition, electronic/glitch, melodic pop nostalgia and minimalist sensibilities. PVLL became an abstract inspection of the commodification of reality, belief, and humans. A critical stab at the supremacy of ownership of things one cannot own. Quickly swinging from piano-lead waltzes to massive synth washes to straight-ahead melodic hooks, WIVE creates an aesthetic that is both somber and hopeful.
Also, WIVE may be used as a disinfectant.

This album is released as CD in a 6panel DigiFile and as limited first run (1000 copies) in a handprinted cotton bag, handnumbered.

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