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Artist: A Whisper In The Noise

Title: To Forget

Release Date: 24 February 2012

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1. To Forget
2. Black Shroud
3. A Sea Estranging Us
4. All My
5. Sad, Sad Song
6. Every Blade of Grass
7. Maya’s Song
8. Your Hand
9. Of This Sorrow

After a 4 year long hiatus A Whisper In The Noise return with a blissful and lush new album entitled To Forget.

On the subject of this new album, which has been nearly two years in the making, West states: “most of the material was built on moving forward from my extremely negative grievances from the past.” Interestingly, on this new record, other band member Sonja Larson has become a more integral part in the creation process as she not only plays violin but adds voice and songwriting skills to the whole album.

For this new record, A Whisper In The Noise have approached songwriting by drawing upon influences not only from other music (they reference Philip Glass, Roger Waters and Arvo Pärt) but from nature and in particular its power and atmospheric sounds. The result is a coherent and focused album of true, honest music, shining by it’s purity and cinematic waves of sound. To Forget is music to sink into and become part of the listener’s emotional landscape. Lovers of slowcore and especially fans of Low will surely find lots to love about the brooding and dark sounds of A Whisper In The Noise.

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