DARSOMBRA – Climax Community

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Artist: Darsombra

Title: Climax Community

Release Date: 7 September 2012

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01 Roaming The Periphery
02 Green
03 Thunder Thighs

“Climax Community”, Darsombra’s 2012 release on Exile on Mainstream Records, brings Daniloski’s familiar epic arrangements, with a different feel of dynamics and speed than his previous efforts – but don’t be mislead: with 3 songs and clocking in at 45 minutes, this is a record to dive into and exist within.  The first track, “Roaming the Periphery” is a 23-minute opus of vast vocal swells and guitar pilgrimages, a full meal in itself, leaving the listener stimulated and soothed – this sort of psychedelic experience doesn’t recreate the effects of drugs; the music is the drug.  “Roaming the Periphery” induces in a perfect state for absorbing the following acoustic track, “Green”, and the final, 18-minute, mind-melting, wordlessly-storytelling, and furious-in-5/4 track, “Thunder Thighs”.  The inclusion of “Green”, the short, earthy, acoustic piece between the two time-giants of the record, is a wise one: it reminds the listener that this isn’t the great mountain-monster from Fantasia’s “Night on Bald Mountain” creating these aural sagas – but rather, a man with a practice, on his guitar, everyday, from now to the horizon.

A climax community is “a biological community of plants and animals which, through the process of ecological succession — the development of vegetation in an area over time — has reached a steady state,” says good old Wikipedia.  “Climax Community” is a record by Darsombra, built and hewn from time, practice, and re-arrangement of one’s life for the love of creative journey to other planets through music.

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