THE ANTIKAROSHI – Extract. Transform. Debase.


mainstream record ninety-nine


Title: Extract.Transform.Debase

Release Date: 23 April 2021 (webshop availability from 9 April 2021)


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Side A
1 Jaded
2 Constitution Shall Not
3 Chin Chin
4 Benczik

Side B
1 Spitting Image
2 Requiem For R.S.
3 Hey You
4 Set Your Reminder

Extract. The goods. The gold. The core. The message. The good off the bad. The key agenda of your opposition for a day.

Transform. Into a value. A brand. A must-have (known). A share. A like. A unique blabla. A majority to be formed. A feeling of being right.

Debase. A toxic waste. A problem that has to be solved by others. A far away point/land. A decade in coming future. A species now disappeared. A fake news.

A cycle in incomprehensible speed. Cause speed is a level that keeps visible up to a point  in terms of headlines.

We need to get off.

After 4 years it’s finally time for a new record.

In between: a relocation, kids..

But anything kept together by big friendship and love/passion for sound, a (way too often) distaste of the political situation, a feeling of being safe and not being the only one (thanks to all our fans!) despite borders or people that try to separate us.

Give space where it’s needed.

The album is released on vinyl with the CD bundled, No seperate CD release.


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