FRIEDEMANN – Ich leg mein Wort in euer Ohr

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Title: Ich leg mein Wort in euer Ohr

Release Date: 14 September 2018

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01 In euer Ohr
02 42
03 Ja sicher
04 Orange
05 Die Alternative
06 Eigensinn
07 Dafür das Leben
08 Frieden
09 Ellenbogen
10 Flugzeug Liebe Volkszorn
11 Ich nicht mehr
12 Sinn
13 Was ich alles kann
14 Seesucht

‘If you would like to put something declamatory in the mouth of singer/songwriter FRIEDEMANN from Ruegen Island/ Germany to praise and announce his new album one would receive the first rebuff: “I have no plan. Songs had been written, recorded and a record is released.” That simple comes across his answer on the question if and why the time was right for a new album: “I don’t consider myself too important and what I have to say is not universal. But I like to make music and I have a certain attitude which I like to share with my listeners. Maybe I can move some people to use their brains and think about their positions and approaches and their responsibility in our society.” When FRIEDEMANN writes lyrics and sings them, hope is his tenor – as much as emotions and movement. D.I.Y. in action and attitude are the cornerstones of his artistic expression, whether being it as singer for the German Hardcore act COR or in his solo endeavours which come across rather subtle and gentle but no less intense.

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