THE ANTIKAROSHI – L’inertie polaire



Title: L’inertie polaire

Release Date: 31 May 2024 (webshop availability from 17 May 2024)

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Side A
1 Gravity
2 Homohominilupus
3 Doxa
4 Lost In Compassion
5 Shiny White Teeth

Side B
1 Sticky Hands
2 Thousand Lakes
3 Authority
4 Major Light
5 Tang Ping

Doing a record is both: music captured as a snapshot and also a documentation of the longer time span in which the songs were created. If you want to give that documentation and time span a name (like a record title) the question is obvious: what has happened in the time since the last recording – on a personal, social and a lot of other scales? Have things changed? Or was it just about “more” of the same. In a shorter amount of time. While doing multiple things in parallel. And squeeze and optimize and repeat? Are things changing into directions they should be evolving to? Are things progressing at all? Or is it just about doing whatever the heck we were doing before and before that – just faster, more efficient? The phrase „L’inertie polaire” (almost 35 years old) does not explain everything that’s going on in the world, but an uncomfortable lot…

3 years after “Extract.Transform.Debase”, The Antikaroshi are releasing album no. 6, which can be considered as a successor in terms of content. The trio continues exactly where they left off: songs that take their time to breathe, only to start up again frantically the next moment and indulge in the noise! The volume is always a means to an end and overall it’s about dragging you into the moment. Here and now has always been the constant. While the drums and bass prove to be the foundation and yet try to break through the all too familiar, the guitar is often hypnotic and imaginatively searching. The vocals consciously wander between spoken word-esque snapshots and don’t need to spill over anymore.

Either way, the world is frantic, at a standstill. While a handful of super-rich people are already saying goodbye to this planet (Lost In Compassion), the media machine is running like clockwork and has learned to sell bad news as good news (Shiny White Teeth). Wars are becoming peace missions (Authority) and the end all too often justifies the means (Gravity) when it comes to defying one’s own gravity. Even lakes are now for sale (Thousand Lakes) and all available means are used (Sticky Hands) People oscillate between all (opposite) poles against their better judgment (Doxa). All that remains is to sing the high song of solidarity, drive out the wolves (Homohominilupus) and join together in protest (Tang Ping)

With all the content embededded therein it feels bittersweet but we are saying it anyway, because that’s what it’s about: enjoy!

The album is released on vinyl with the CD bundled, No seperate CD release.


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